A site or workplace health and safety audit provides an independent view of compliance. The health and safety audit will benchmark against legal compliance, best practice or your company standard. Areas may include health and safety, fire safety, safe working by contractors, construction safety and environmental.

Health and safety audits should be done on an informal and regular basis to help you keep a record of your site safety procedures. Most clients and employers will insist on some level of health and safety inspection whether you are a sub-contractor or Principal Contractor.

Our site safety audit is an ideal way of demonstrating health and safety compliance on site. We can tailor the audit to suit your specific site. Our 24 point health and safety audit form includes key questions, photographic evidence to include good health and safety working practices.

We take a 'common sense' approach to health and safety on site, this is because of our experience of working on construction sites. Most health and safety issues can be rectified quickly and easily.

We offer this service as a one off or we can arrange to conduct regular site visits on your behalf.