Statutory Scaffolding Inspections

With years of experience and highly qualified staff, All Access Training Services Ltd provides an independent scaffold inspection service that meets the legal requirements of The Work at Height Regulations 2005.

These can include:

  • Before Use
  • Handover
  • Design Handover
  • Seven Day (Statutory)

All scaffolding requires to be inspected to ensure it meets appropriate safety standards following:

  • Before it is first used
  • At an interval of no more than seven days until it is dismantled
  • After bad or excessively wet weather or high winds or another event likely to have affected its strength or stability
  • After any substantial additions or other alterations
  • After unauthorised interference

The legal responsibility for scaffold inspection rests usually with the hiring organisation and when utilised All Access Training Services Ltd can assist the hirer to remain compliant.

Our clients include Scaffolding Contractors, Building and Construction Contractors, Local Authorities and more.

Ad hoc & Scheduled Monitoring Scaffolding Inspections

We perform scheduled and ad-hoc scaffolding inspections to monitor compliance and supplement the statutory inspections carried out by or on behalf of the client. A full written report is provided and digital photographs can be included to support our findings and recommendations.

Scaffolding Audits in Scotland

Scaffolding Safety Audits

One-off or scheduled scaffolding safety audits can be used to ascertain the adequacy of completed scaffolding structures, management arrangements (of the scaffolding supplier and/or the client), temporary works (scaffold design) arrangements and operational safety onsite, including compliance with SG4, TG20 and the Work at Height Regulations.

The scope and depth of these audits can be varied to meet the particular needs of each client and the end report will pragmatically detail findings, conclusions and recommendations.